Current Exhibition

June 2018

Camille Pissarro Lasting Impressions:

The Five Generations

One hundred years after his death, the extraordinary legacy of Camille Pissarro lives on and is the foundation for an outstanding family tradition. This legacy continues to be redefined and reshaped by successive generations of Pissarro artists. This exhibition explores the rich artistic tradition of the Pissarro family with selected works in a variety of mediums by Camille Pissarro, his sons Lucien, Georges-Henri “Manzana”, Ludovic-Rodo and Paulémile; grandchildren Orovida, H. Claude and Yvon: great-granddaughter Lélia and great-great-granddaughter Lyora Pissarro. Carrying on the tradition of the patriarch Camille, the five generations of the Pissarros have produced stunning landscapes and portraits. Though styles, techniques and subject matter will differ with each artist, all of the artwork on exhibition displays a visual unity and a direct link to Camille. Camille Pissarro produced some of the Impressionist’s finest paintings, which contibuted to a change in the traditional preception of art at the time.  Considered to be the primary developer of the Impressionist technique, he collaborated with Monet and was mentor to Cezanne and Gauguin. In addition to mentoring these famed artists, Camille Pissarro taught all his sons to paint and and they became highly regarded artists in their own right. Both Lucien and Paulémile passed on this legacy to their children. Camille’s grandson, H. Claude Pissarro, great-granddaughter Lélia and great-great-granddaughter Lyora are continuing the family tradition today. Russell Collection Fine Art is honored to work directly with the Pissarro Family to curate this exhibition. We proudly present the finest examples of this exceptional family’s legacy to our collectors.