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Reception & Lunar New Year Celebration:
Guo Aihe “2000 Fahrenheit” 

Saturday, February 9, 2019 from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

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On Display February 9th – 28th

Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery presents the first major U.S exhibition for China Ceramic Master Guo Aihe from February 9 to 28. Featured in the National Art Museum of China in 2018, Master Guo has exhibited worldwide in France, Greece, Australia, Korea, and Japan, with permanent art installations at iconic Asian landmarks such as the Shanghai Tower and Shanghai metro station.

Master Guo is a recipient of the UNESCO Seal of Excellence and currently serves as the director of Luoyang Sancai Art Museum of China. The Austin exhibition “2000 Fahrenheit” highlights over seventy Sancai glazed ceramic paintings and sculptures throughout Guo’s career. The opening reception will be held on February 9, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM, celebrating Lunar New Year with Asian gourmet bites, artist talk and video demonstration, Chinese traditional instrument performance, and a special auction benefiting our charity partner – Caring for Cambodia.

Born in 1964 in Luoyang, China – the birthplace of Sancai and capital of thirteen Chinese dynasties. He received his BFA from Luoyang Normal University in 1986. For the past three decades, he has been researching, developing, making, and teaching Sancai – a decoration technique on ceramics using multiple glazes originated from Tang Dynasty (618-907). Traditionally, Sancai only has three predominant colors: amber, green and ivory white. Guo Aihe spent countless hours in the kiln room testing thousands of color triggering metal oxidants. Guo’s innovation of more than 500 new Sancai-glaze formulas enables him to paint freely with Sancai glazes. In his early career, Guo Aihe was enchanted by classical Chinese art and culture. Portraits of the Terracotta Army, figures of court ladies, ancient stone carvings, and architectures elements can be found in his paintings. With extraordinary techniques, Guo’s depiction of classical beauty with colorful and everlasting Sancai-glazed paintings blurred the boundary between traditional craft and fine art.

Nature is another important inspiration of Guo’s paintings. Guo traveled all thirty-four provinces in China and reproduced many sceneries from those trips with Sancai. In 2012, inspired by Hukou waterfall on the Yellow River, Guo started to experiment new approaches to express the vitality and npredictability of nature. He fired Sancai paintings at a slanted angle, resulting in a series of paintings with a magical flow of colors done by gravity and fire, which won’t be able to simulate by any artistic techniques. Guo perfected his workflow and utilized it in his abstract and floral theme works, naming this new type of glazed painting “free-style Sancai”. Guo also earned renown in public arts with his large-scale Sancai murals such as the 243 feet long “Kaleidoscope” at the National Convention & Exhibitions Center Station in Shanghai, and the 4306 square feet “China Totem” at Luoyang Normal University Library. Guo currently serves as the director of Sancai Art Museum of China which consists of the world’s largest collection of contemporary Sancai art. As a pioneer in using art to overcome poverty and save ecology in rural China, his latest project including the nearly 500 acres Luoyang International Ceramic Art Village. In 2015, Guo founded “Dangri (Today) Exhibition”, an annual art & charity event raising funds for youth art education in rural China, six classrooms were established in the past three years.