Austin, Texas  (February 2020) – Fresh off drumming with Aerosmith at the Grammy’s and performing at the prestigious MusicCares where Aerosmith was honored as the Person of the Year…John Douglas has been getting ready to kick off his 2020 North American Art Tour…and what better place than Music City itself:  Austin, Texas.  Austin’s premier fine art gallery, Russell Collection.

 RUSSELL COLLECTION announces their presentation of Douglas’ “High-Performance” Fine Art Tour: in its’ limited engagement, March 6th – March 15th, with a live in gallery appearance by Douglas on Saturday, March 14th from 6-9 pm.

Not only is John Douglas’ artwork of rock and roll icons some of the most famous and highly collected among celebrities and art enthusiasts around the world, but Douglas has toured the globe with multi-platinum musicians including ZZ Top, Slash, Van Halen and Bon Jovi. He is just back from playing the Grammy’s and MusicCares with Aerosmith, and is currently on tour with Aerosmith in their Las Vegas Residency.   Along the way, he has created one-of-a-kind masterpieces of rock and roll icons including Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Stevie Nicks, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Bono (U2) and The Rolling Stones.  These original works of art (several signed by both Douglas and the Rockstar subject) are a word…extraordinary.

About Russell Collection

Russell Collection Fine Art has assembled a  collection of art that includes approximately 1000 original works  presently making it the premier visual arts gallery in central Texas. The gallery is committed to infusing our permanent holdings with fresh offerings of contemporary artists such as Hunt Slonem, Gil Bruvel, Jose Royo, Ramon Villanova, Ash Almonte, Brad Ellis, Kevin Greer » Read More…